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Cindy Whittle – Treasurer

Cindy received undergraduate degrees in Mathematics and Education from the University of Delaware and an MS in Guidance and Counseling from Johns Hopkins University. She was a math teacher for 20 years and discovered that her counseling degree was necessary to get students to want to learn algebra. After retiring as an educator, Cindy became involved as a volunteer at the Annapolis Maritime Museum and was hired as the venue manager. Some of her other volunteer activities include working as a counselor for Navy Relief and serving as a PTA president and as a Navy Wives’ Club president.


Why Child Justice
“In my 20 years in classrooms across the county I have seen first-hand the emotional, social and educational effects on children who are not living with the best custodial parent. As a teacher, it has been difficult to watch a student’s life be torn apart due to a decision in a custody case in which they have limited input. I am committed to helping Child Justice grow to better provide services to parents who have not been treated fairly in the courts. I am excited about the future of Child Justice and the work that is currently being done.”