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Michele Banks, Administrative Assistant

Michele Banks joined Child Justice, Inc. in December 2016 to provide administrative support in tracking and documenting program services, statistics and expenses on the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) grant from Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention of Maryland.

Michele has an extensive background of experience with grant administration and nonprofit management. She was the founding executive director of a nonprofit for adults with disabilities in Miami, Florida. Michele also taught Special Education in Miami, Florida and Washington D.C. Many of the children she worked with had been traumatized by abuse, witnessed and/or experienced domestic violence, or experienced neonatal abstinence syndrome. In 1991, Michele and her family moved to live in Ferney-Voltaire, France and work in Geneva, Switzerland. While in Geneva, she founded another nonprofit to provide after school computer programs for children with disabilities at the International School of Geneva. In 1995, upon returning to the States, Michele worked for a nonprofit in Silver Spring, Maryland as a program manager and grant administrator to help low-income families avoid eviction. Then until coming to Child Justice, Inc., she worked for a nonprofit serving adults with developmental disabilities as a staff trainer as well as providing administrative support in quality assurance and database administration.