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Shannon M. Rohn, Esq.

Shannon is an attorney with Healthcare Legal Solutions, a firm representing hospitals and health systems in third party payer collections. She is a member of the Maryland Bar, with experience primarily in health care and disability law, including internships with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Marketplace Appeals Group, The Quality Trust for Individuals with Disabilities, and the D.C. Health Insurance Counseling Project.

Shannon has a juris doctor from the George Washington University Law School and a Bachelor of Arts from Marquette University, where she studied political science, sociology, and economics. She joined the Child Justice Board of Directors in 2017.

Why Child Justice?

I firmly believe that attorneys have an obligation to help protect the most vulnerable members of society. Children who are subject to abusive guardians are often the most unheard voices in the courts, and deserve advocates who respect their desires and appreciate the traumatic nature of their experience. As a volunteer for the Milwaukee Women’s Center in Milwaukee, I saw firsthand the experiences of children who were abused by the very people who were supposed to be their greatest protectors. I also witnessed the harms of domestic violence on spouses that were victims, and their struggle in removing their children from dangerous households.

 Child Justice brings together advocates and attorneys to provide the support that parents seeking custody and children needing protection from abusive households desperately need. Additionally, Child Justice goes above and beyond by advocating for common-sense policies that protect parents and children through avenues such as amici curiae briefs before the United States Supreme Court and participating in debate before the Maryland Legislature. This important work of educating courts about the dangers of abusive custody is vital to protecting children and creating an environment where they can feel loved. Every child deserves a safe childhood. For that reason, it is an honor to be a part of Child Justice.