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Tim Goodman

Tim is one of the principle partners in News Distribution Network, a video aggregator company based in Atlanta. He was born in Cincinnati, and has lived on Martha’s Vineyard, in Boulder and in Los Angeles for many years. Most of his career has been in the music industry, as a recording artist for Columbia and CBS records.  He worked on projects with the Doobie Brothers, Emy Lou Harris, Neil Young, Johnny Cash, and was a founding member and lead singer for Southern Pacific with Doobie Brothers’ Keith Knudson, John Mcfee, and Stew Cook from CCR.  Tim is now producing projects in L.A. He  is also a MVY Radio Board Member.
Tim’s charitable affiliations include Adam’s Camp Nantucket, Children’s Health Fund, Martha’s Vineyard YMCA, Gay Head Light House Project, and Martha’s Vineyard Dynamite Softball Clinics The organizations are principally aimed at helping children.
Why Child Justice
Being on the board of Child Justice furthers my goal to make a child’s life better.  I have personally witnessed the failure of courts to understand the risks children face.