Child Justice Legal Director On ‘It’s Worse To Accuse Than To Abuse’

Child Justice Legal Director, Paul Griffin, was recently featured on a podcast with En(Gender)ed, giving his opinion on 'It's Worse To Accuse Than To Abuse.'

As sourced from the article here:

"On this episode, our guest is Paul Griffin, Legal Director at Child Justice, Inc., one of the few organizations in the country dedicated to ensuring a child’s right to be legally protected from an abusive parent. As Legal Director, Paul – along with his colleague, Alexandra Sandacz — represents non-abusive, protective parents in child-custody cases in which there is evidence of domestic violence or child abuse. Paul also works to coordinate the pro bono legal work that well-respected law firms offer to protect these victims who may otherwise become “lost in the system” after exposure to family violence, physical and or sexual abuse, substance addictions, or neglect.

On today’s show, Paul will be speaking to us about his work at Child Justice, as well as his other advocacy work on behalf of abused children, and share insights from both cautionary and success tales, strategies and recommendations for how we can strengthen our laws and update our practices to ensure that children’s safety is a priority over abusers’ parenting rights."

You can listen to everything Paul had to say by playing the audio below.