Child Justice advocates for children who have been abused or witnessed domestic violence.

Our organization provides support to them and their protective parents, and to promote change through community outreach, education and policy recommendations. We also work with non-offending, protective parents in civil family law cases where the child (or children) have been physically, sexually, emotionally abused or neglected and who may have experienced domestic abuse. Studies show that accused or adjudicated batterers often seek (and receive) sole or joint custody in contested child custody and access cases.


A bit of networking and socialization has felt so good, in more ways than one. Not only is it empowering to discuss, debate and advocate for the issues we champion most, your participation in all of our organization's events directly benefits children who are victims of child abuse or who have experienced domestic violence.


The Stories Behind The
Families We Help

And our work doesn’t stop there: Child Justice court-watches hearings and trials, coordinates and signs on to Amicus Curiae briefs in state, federal and U.S. Supreme Court appeals, connects attorneys with experienced legal mentors, supports attorneys in litigation by providing information, legal research or referrals to experts, refers protective parents to community resources, and offers emotional support for the non-offending parents or relatives. We stand with our clients from the moment we take on the case until we feel confident that the family is safe and free from harm.

"'Lou' was verbally and physically abusive to his four children. After he separated from his children’s mother, “Jane,” they were understandably resistant to seeing him. But Lou was persistent—and so was his attorney. Lou’s attorney persuaded a judge to switch custody to him, then sent the children off to a “deprogramming” center in California. There, the center’s staff used various methods to pressure the children into believing that they had nothing to fear from their dad. The children remained strong in their support for their mother, but because Jane had no attorney and no money for an attorney, Lou retained custody. Child Justice found pro bono counsel for Jane, who successfully fought to win the children back. Today, Lou continues to harass and abuse his ex-wife in the courts by filing unnecessary motions. Meanwhile, Child Justice keeps watch over this dangerous situation while grateful in the knowledge that, without our intervention, Jane and Lou’s children would still be in grave mental and physical danger."

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There are few things we love more than assisting families impacted by child abuse and domestic violence and connecting with others who are as relentlessly dedicated to the mission as we are! Whether you have questions, need assistance or want to volunteer for the cause, Child Justice, Inc. is here to help! Get in touch with our team by clicking the button below and filling out the form with your information -- a member of our team will respond to your inquiry shortly!