Child Justice

  • Do You Have a Moment for Child Justice?
  • Ignorance is . . . . . . Institutional
  • Ignorance is . . . . . . Irresponsible
  • Ignorance is . . . . . . Inconceivable


Students at Boston University’s College of Communication were asked to create short videos in order to ignite a conversation about the problems in America’s family courts.
Some of the students documented the process.

Click on screen to launch video.

Who We Care About and What We Do

  • Child Justice advocates for abused, neglected and at-risk children failed by systems that should protect them.
  • Child Justice works with local, state and national advocates, legal and mental health professionals and experts within the broad spectrum of child abuse, neglect, interpersonal violence and trauma.
  • Child Justice is committed to serve the often unseen and unheard children in custody cases where child abuse and domestic violence exist but are ignored or minimized.
  • Child Justice’s services include court-watch in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia, emotional support for the protective parent/relative, and referrals to community services.
  • Child Justice may seek pro bono counsel for lower or appellate court proceedings for protective parents in financial distress.
  • Child Justice submits/signs on Amicus Curiae Briefs as an organization or in collaboration with other local and national like-minded groups.
  • Child Justice provides public policy recommendations based on our first-hand knowledge of how courts and child protection systems respond – or fail to respond – to a vulnerable child’s urgent need for protection.
  • Child Justice works with local and national media  to make sure that children’s stories are told and real change is ignited and sustained.

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